Improvement Process - UniV3 LP NFT Staking Testnet

MetalSwap Improvement Process [BLOG](6)Today marks a significant milestone for MetalSwap as the team is excited to announce the launch of a new feature in its testing phase. Starting now, Monday, March 4th, the new UniV3 NFT staking feature is Live on Polygon's Mumbai testnet (and will later be released on the Optimism blockchain!).

This will be a public testnet where anyone can participate and explore this new feature in advance. Moreover, this testing phase fits perfectly within the new MetalSwap Points Campaign, where testnet users receive points in exchange for their commitment.

As outlined in the official announcement, these points, in addition to quantitatively representing each user's engagement, will be converted into rewards at the end of the campaign.

Therefore, the more tests users complete in this phase, the more points and rewards they will be able to collect.

What is this new UniV3NFT staking feature?

Similar to the NFT staking feature released on the Polygon blockchain almost two years ago and now deprecated, this new release will allow UniSwap Liquidity Providers for the pair XMT/USDC to stake their liquidity-derived NFTs within the dApp to earn higher rewards.

In fact, in addition to the classic rewards derived from Uniswap fees, staking NFTs on the MetalSwap dApp will enable users to earn extra rewards.

UniV3 NFT - ready to be staked

Mumbai Testnet Tutorial

Getting Started: Acquiring Test Tokens

First things first, you need to acquire the test tokens used in this testnet phase - XMT and USDC. You can easily obtain these tokens for a nominal fee of 0.1 MATIC through the official faucet. This step is crucial for participating in the LP NFT staking Testnet process.

XMT Test address: 0x4e6D84604f76ec29E10514fe09BE82967Ac3Bb78

USDC Test address: 0x23D42f5029F9c6fA3804039B5c26Fabcf471CC2f

Your Path to NFT Staking

1 - Creating Uniswap LP NFT:
    • To begin, navigate to the NFT Staking section of MetalSwap’s Mumbai dApp. You could also use Uniswap’s official frontend always on Mumbai, but on MetalSwap’s dApp there’s no way to give liquidity to the wrong pool.
    • Here, you have the option to create your UniV3's Liquidity Providing NFT directly using MetalSwap's user-friendly frontend.
    • Minimum countervalue of the single NFT must be 40k XMT, or 700 USDC.

It's important to note that using MetalSwap's frontend employs the same smart contracts as Uniswap's, just with a different interface. So, whether you choose to create your LP NFT through our platform or Uniswap's, the process remains consistent.

When the allowance to let smart contracts use the test tokens is given, you’ll see the following card, showing the UniV3 range-parameters with the “Create New NFT” button ready to mint the new NFT after your confirmation:

LP NFT Creation - MetalSwap dApp on Mumbai Testnet

2 - Staking Your NFT on MetalSwap:

    • Once your LP NFT is created, it's time to Stake it.
    • In the NFT Staking section of MetalSwap’s dApp, you can easily Stake your newly created NFT.
    • By staking your NFT, you lose the common Uni rewards to get a higher countervalue in XMT and XMTXP rewards. These rewards are calculated based on the in-range NFTs, meaning your NFTs that are actively collecting Uniswap's fees.

Staked in-range NFT marked with the gear icon - and a not yet staked NFT

Don’t forget that every staked NFT can be unstaked only after a 7-days cooldown period.

Test rewards are given in XMT and XMTXP, the latter token is the one that will be changed in MetalSwap Points at the end of the testnet phase at a ratio that will be later defined.

XMTXP Token address: 0x0680fB70565d97F460501237987b337E8ca046B0

Stay within the optimal range!

While the minted NFT can cover a full range, concentrating your liquidity within a narrower range can significantly enhance your rewards. The more focused the range, the greater the potential earnings! Don’t forget that out-of-range NFTs will not collect rewards, so make the best choice to stay in the best possible range you can manage!

By participating in this test phase, users not only contribute to the stress-testing of MetalSwap’s smart contracts but also stand to gain substantially through the innovative reward structure. We encourage the community to embrace this opportunity, experiment with the feature, report any bug and contribute to shaping the future of MetalSwap and the whole DeFi sector. 

Happy testing!

-The DeFi Foundation


✎ What is MetalSwap?

MetalSwap is a decentralized platform that brings Hedging Contracts on financial markets with the aim of providing coverage to those who work with digital asset and an investment opportunity for those who contribute to increase the shared liquidity of the project. Allowing the protection for an increasing number of operators.

With MetalSwap we enable Hedging Contracts on the DeFi field, AMM style.