MetalSwap Release: Recall Pool

MetalSwap Release3

Following a fruitful testing phase that saw the creation of 6 different Recall Pools in the Mumbai testnet, with a total sum of slots filled by users exceeding 360, the team is proud to announce the official release of this new feature within the dApp.

Throughout this article, we will explain everything there is to know about MetalSwap's brand new Recall Pool!

Brand New Feature

As already explained in the announcement article of the testnet phase, the Recall Pool aims to allow XMT tokens dispersed across various secondary blockchains like Polygon and BNB chain to return to the main Ethereum blockchain, which is the only one where these tokens have voting power within the DAO.

The problem with this operation is that it can involve very high transaction costs, especially for users moving small capitals, and for this very reason, this new pool has been released.

The idea behind it is to merge the XMTs of many users and complete a single transaction on the ETH mainnet, which will result in extremely low transaction costs compared to the same operation completed individually.

Benefits of the Recall Pool

The Recall Pool has now been released within the BNB Chain, but it is not excluded that it could also be released on other layer 2 blockchains where XMT was deployed.

As mentioned, the main goal of this new feature is to bring XMT back to the mainnet so that they can participate in the governance of the project.

Another advantage is that it limits the use of the bridge solution, which is relatively less secure and more costly for users.

Moreover, anyone participating in the Recall Pool will have an incentive as stacking rewards are foreseen for the period in which these funds will be locked for transfer.

The integration of this feature also allows the developers to test and use features like Chainlink Automation and the CCPI protocol that will surely be useful for new features in the future.

How to participate 

As we mentioned, the Recall Pool will initially be available within the BNB chain, meaning it will facilitate the movement of XMT tokens from this blockchain to the Ethereum mainnet.

As a first step, it will be necessary to access the dApp and select the BNB chain as the reference blockchain.

Once landed on the BNB chain, simply go to the Pool section and select the new Recall Pool.

After reaching the Recall Pool, it will be necessary to deposit the required amount into one of the 20 available slots, and the job is done!

Once the slots are filled, the Recall Pool will do its work and the user will find their XMT directly on the ETH blockchain, without having to perform any claim operation.

The Recall Pool will have an expiration date by which the operation will be performed, but if all slots are filled early then this operation will be completed before the time deadline.


The Recall Pool is a feature that facilitates the bridge-back operation of XMT tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, which will increase the number of tokens participating in the governance process of this dApp.
Besides being an excellent opportunity to spend very few fees, the Recall Pool it’s also a chance to accumulate some extra XMT tokens derived from staking rewards


-The DeFi Foundation


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