"Op Mania" Competition Concludes

Optimism Mania - Completed(1)We are excited to announce the official Top25 winners of our "Optimism Mania" Swap Competition that concluded together with the month of July!
This exciting event has once again brought together the most innovative and talented minds in the world of DeFi, Asset Management, and Hedging Swaps. The competition has been a remarkable success, and we are eager to share the details with you.
The rewards are going to be distributed before the end of August, as explained below.

A Month of Excitement and Innovation

The OP Mania Swap Competition has been a platform for Swappers to showcase their skills, strategies, and insights. Participants have battled it out on the Optimism chain, trading various assets and employing unique strategies to maximize their profits.

Market Performance

The competition has seen some incredible market movements, with participants making the most of the opportunities.

Let's take an example: in the case of OP token, some juicy news moved the market during the month of July. We saw a swing of more than 50% of the token value, from 1.18 USDC to 1.7 : what an incredible summer run!

The leaderboard has been a testament to the skill and acumen of the traders involved in the hedging matter.
We anticipate that the results are unbelieveble!

king TOP25 Leaderboard of Competition

The Best Swap of the entire Competition has been made by 0xD2F78d85549cdDDA31c97B23424f0BF588641747 with an amazing 158.95% of profit!
The reward for the best of position of the competition is 150 USDC as explained in the "OP Mania" introduction article

0xD2F78d85549cdDDA31c97B23424f0BF588641747 becomes also the Top Swapper of the month.
With a stunning 265.67% of total profit takes the crown of the King of the Swappers
, congratulations!!

Follows the full "Op Mania" Top25 :

Position Ethereum Address Profit
1 0xD2F78d85549cdDDA31c97B23424f0BF588641747 158.95%
2 0xd55CAFEdb6725EdD46754E0c32296646c3991c0e 102.29%
3 0x90D20fdA272f341b1a0b3A5dD6EE21F5a8626904 86.24%
4 0x6EA09218831259C5303622aA76E4A4a350733eC9 86.19%
5 0xb3D607037120033B8F0cD75e17b03F3d46f9179E 73.35%
6 0x73Ce0b48894a3334778705adFD7e1c28e67DDAab 67.90%
7 0x6f40f2056Dc07ca3a8454a822F1B884C9677c887 51.62%
8 0xd454E78A9F92506E73E0aBd1AB7A1F6979b9fb2e 47.10%
9 0x0eaE572E64E03C95222C5FB95A9bC9A202ED2727 44.22%
10 0xC448061b720210770875A411b51b212B61d5A703 42.29%
11 0x7AD09B9aD001984e72fDa5B210d5E7aAC80976cC 38.05%
12 0x313bDCecFd0cd794195b5022932913C476a939D4 35.34%
13 0x6E7fc0821641843d27f3767F9971483a640b8E49 34.66%
14 0xfe760A7AaaBb10A74a805D0FFEc2349B4d7f8711 33.94%
15 0x31f216823E450197dB1CF9BAA7f3DE41C3b29C3B 33.92%
16 0x1a0b5F2EAde71626D051C29Ef425d9c49dc87Aea 32.61%
17 0x1B61352C76B3Ad035D9752AB69Ec12aB93e93952 31.08%
18 0xA4Cb62B580AE0c29DBdf95D1d184A0572988CEE3 29.65%
19 0x240eaDf230F75DE6ceb8F44E8eeD6a767f2C7F26 28.63%
20 0xf2Ab089A4AEe12d57c2c4cdE00cBc56F5A9A0e16 27.32%
21 0xf415062b5ee6833b2f90Dee10B0F79BA4c7EEc6F 27.03%
22 0xc62d7f24F21E99287a518C569fBb202643Cc7C00 25.24%
23 0xe2671FED016b25710ae39Ca9066040296B4b36DA 23.20%
24 0xA2e7002E0FFC42e4228292D67C13a81FDd191870 21.05%
25 0xB02A58789a965d72d8940a59e9E3B3Cf2309F167 17.37%

Distribution on Optimism Chain

For the first time ever, the distribution of rewards will take place on the Optimism Layer-2 chain. 
It will take place by the end of this month and will follow the Rewards explained in the "OP Mania" introduction article.

A New Chapter in DeFi

While the OP Mania Swap Competition series has come to an end, our journey in DeFi and Asset Management continues. We are committed to bringing you new opportunities, experiences, and challenges. The new Competition "Journey" is born just yesterday, don't miss the opportunity to participate!

Join the Conversation

We invite you to also join MetalSwap's governance forum, where you can actively participate in discussions, gain insights into upcoming projects, and contribute your valuable opinions to shape the future of DeFi, Asset Management, and Hedging Swaps.

A Heartfelt Thank You

We extend our sincere gratitude to everyone who participated in the OP Mania Swap Competition. Your enthusiasm, dedication, and innovation have made this event a resounding success. We look forward to embarking on the next chapter together.

Until next time, stay curious, keep trading, and embrace the endless possibilities of DeFi!

What a time to be in DeFi! 🚀



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