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Welcome to the MetalSwap Research & Development (R&D) series. Here, we'll take you behind the scenes, revealing the extensive research that shapes our future developments in the world of DeFi. In this series, we'll explore a variety of topics, from scalability solutions to smart contract deployment, and much more. Our aim is to provide you with a deeper understanding of our work and the future direction of MetalSwap.
So, let's dive in. We have some exciting news to start:

MetalSwap Joins Forces with Linea Goerli Testnet on Galxe's Linea Voyage Program!

Galxe's Linea Voyage Quest Week 8

MetalSwap is thrilled to announce its participation in the Linea Voyage Program on Galxethe leading platform for building web3 communities. This exciting campaign, which attracted a staggering 1,457,517 users in its latest 10 days of activity on Linea Goerli Testnet, is a testament to the growing interest in decentralized finance (DeFi) and the innovative solutions it offers.

Just click on the following link to take part to the official Voyage campaign by Linea on Galxe:

The Campaign

The Linea Voyage Program is a unique opportunity for users to explore the functionalities of MetalSwap and Linea Goerli Testnet in a risk-free environment.
Participants will send 0,1 LineaETH through MetalSwap’s faucet to get back WBTC and USDC test tokens to complete three "quests":

  • Open a Hedging Swap position
  • Open a Liquidity Providing position
  • Open 3 Hedging Swaps together

By completing these tasks, users can earn points to collect on Galxe’s Linea Voyage Quest campaign, providing a fun and educational experience for both seasoned DeFi enthusiasts and newcomers alike.
If you wish to know more info about how to get test tokens, and get through Galxe’s quests, you may consult the official tutorial published in the dedicated Linea Docs section

What is Linea Layer-2?
Linea is a type 2 zero knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine (zkEVM), . A zkEVM replicates the Ethereum environment as a rollup, allowing developers to build on it as they would on the Ethereum mainnet. This means you can deploy any Smart Contract, use any tool, and develop as if you're building on Ethereum. For users, this offers the experience and security guarantees of Ethereum, but with lower transaction costs. Linea recently released its public testnet and is launching an upcoming NFT testnet voyage.

What is Galxe?
Galxe is a pioneering platform for building web3 communities. With over 11 million unique users to date, Galxe has fueled the growth of Optimism, Polygon, Arbitrum, and more than 2000 partners with reward-based loyalty programs. Galxe aims to build an open and collaborative credential data network accessible to all developers in Web3. It provides the infrastructure for community members to curate and contribute digital credentials to their data network. To date, over 2,100 partners have launched over 10,000 campaigns on Galxe.

The Partnership and Its Impact

This collaboration between MetalSwap and Linea Testnet on Galxe's platform marks a significant milestone in the DeFi landscape. By offering hands-on experience with Hedging Swap Contracts on a testnet, we're educating users about the potential of Hedging Contracts in DeFi while also showcasing the capabilities of MetalSwap and Linea Testnet.

In the realm of development work, where the scalability solution is often uncertain, MetalSwap is exploring all avenues. We are actively pursuing both Optimistic scalability solutions, such as Optimism as you may already know, and Zero Knowledge type solutions. This dual approach ensures that we remain at the forefront of DeFi innovation.

Moreover, this partnership presents a tremendous opportunity for MetalSwap's visibility. Being part of a highly populated Quest campaign on Galxe is a fantastic chance to introduce the topic of volatility management to a vast number of people that may find MetalSwap’s tool pretty interesting.

Extract from Official Linea's Mirror

We are proud to be part of this campaign together with such other famous names and eagerly anticipate our users leveraging this opportunity to learn, experiment, and earn Rewards. Whether you're a seasoned DeFi veteran or a curious newcomer, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey.

Galxe Campaign- MetalSwap Quests Completed

12k users are already part of the campaign that officially started less than 24 hours ago!
Join the crew: together, we’ll shape the future of finance!

What a time to be in DeFi!

To the MetalSwap

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✎ What is MetalSwap?

MetalSwap is a decentralized platform that allows Hedging Swaps on financial markets with the aim of providing a coverage to those who work with commodities and an investment opportunity for those who contribute to increase the shared liquidity of the project. Allowing the protection for an increasing number of operators.


With MetalSwap we enable Hedging Swap transactions through the use of Smart Contracts, AMM style.