MetalSwap X Celer : new Bridge!

Did you see what happened last friday?
XMT is Officially landed on Celer cBridge’s Smart Contracts!
MetalSwap is taking bold strides towards a vibrant and interconnected ecosystem by integrating Celer cBridge technology into its frontend. With this feature, MetalSwap optimized XMT Token liquidity management to improve bridge security and unlock interchain messaging. Now, we're taking you on a tour of the exciting next steps: introducing a streamlined and balanced cross-chain bridging experience for the DeFi community.

Integrating Celer cBridge

As mentioned in our previous article,  we have integrated multichain and in the meantime many new bridging technologies have been consolidated.
With a view to improving the security of the bridging system, the MetalSwap team studied them with the idea of implementing what strategically comes useful in the next future.

One of the most interesting technologies is Celer's cBridge and it mechanism with liquidity pools which uses XMT pools on the blockchains where the token is distributed to conduct overchain transfers.
That's why we managed our liquidity from Polygon to ETH as to reach this goal and go live with Celer cBridge.


The integration of XMT, from Celer cBridge into MetalSwap's frontend, is meant to reach more efficiency over the whole ecosystem. That’s a game-changer for XMT liquidity management overchains, and not only.

This groundbreaking integration showcases MetalSwap's commitment to innovation and its dedication to enhancing user experience. With a simple and easy-to-use interface, the new Bridge webapp section allows seamless interaction between different chains, suggesting the Multichain Bridge when from other chains users need to bridge XMT back to ETH, and the brand-new CelerBridge Will be automatically selected when users will choose to bridge XMT from ETH to other chains. This choice enhances the security system of XMT management over the different chains.

A Fresh New Look

MetalSwap's brand new Bridge - Powered by Celer

In addition to the Celer cBridge integration, MetalSwap has also revamped its frontend [img] to provide a more intuitive and user-friendly experience. The updated design allows users to easily navigate the platform and leverage the full potential of the integrated Celer cBridge.

Celer Network has acknowledged this exciting development with an official tweet

@CelerNetwork Official Tweet

further validating the collaboration and the strides MetalSwap is making towards a more connected DeFi ecosystem.

How To Bridge

Here a brief reminder about how to Bridge:

  • The first thing to do is to reach the bridge, which you can do directly from the Metalswap dApp in the bridge section.
  • Once you get there, you have to select the XMT token and you can do this by clicking in the top right section
  • After selecting the XMT token, you will need to decide between which blockchains to move it. In this case, next to the "FROM" label, you will need to select the blockchain where your XMT is located, and next to the "TO" label, you will need to decide which blockchain to send the XMT to.
  • The next step is to decide how many XMT to move in this transaction.
  • Finally, you can complete the bridge operation by clicking the transfer button and accepting the transaction on your DeFi wallet.

This partnership is important also because it unlocks the power to use a very interesting technology: the Interchain Messaging that may be useful for the Dao evolution that will be discussed in the Governance forum.

MetalSwap's integration of Celer Cbridge marks a significant milestone in the DeFi landscape. By streamlining liquidity management and bridging across multiple chains, the platform is setting the stage for a vibrant, interconnected ecosystem that empowers users and developers alike.

If you would like a full explanation of the bridge page, please consult the official MetalSwap Doc - Bridge section.

As MetalSwap continues to push boundaries in DeFi, stay tuned for more news and updates on this trailblazing platform.

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